Every winter vacation or summer vacation, there are a number of parents will take their children to travel, so if the child's height reached the standard will need to buy a ticket. There are half ticket and full ticket, so what is the standard of children's ticket? Many parents are not quite clear about it, the following is a small series of news to understand the 2021 high-speed rail children ticket new regulations. You will clearly know 2021 children train ticket height standards, and the latest standard of children free train ticket 2021.

Children Aged 6 and Under 14 Can Purchase Children's Discount Tickets

Children aged 6 and under 14 can purchase children's discount tickets; Children aged 14 or above should purchase full price tickets. This means that the child travel policy will be changed from "height" to "age". Children under six will be allowed to travel free, while children aged six to 14 will be entitled to a child fare.

Carrying out The Real Name System of Ticket

Children aged 6 and under 14 can purchase children's discount tickets.

Children aged 14 or above should purchase full price tickets.

Each adult passenger holding a ticket can carry a child under 6 years old who does not occupy the seat alone for free. When there is more than one child, the number of children in excess shall purchase a children's discount ticket. (The meaning of the real-name system is that passengers need to provide child’s passport and birthday.)

The Real-name Ticket System Is Not Implemented

The answer is NO. Considering of the prevention control of COVID-19 epidemic, the Canton Fair has been changed from offline to online since 2020. The 127th, 128th, and 129th Canton Fair were all held online before. The next coming session is the 130th Canton Fair will be held online in October, 2021.

What Should I Pay Attention to When Buying High-speed Rail Tickets for Children?

1.If you want to buy children's train tickets on, you need to buy adult tickets at the same time, as children are not allowed to travel alone according to regulations. The seats of children's tickets should be the same as those of adult tickets, and their arrival stops should not be further than those of accompanying adults.


2.There is no separate seat for children under 1.2m. Children can ride with adult passengers. All passengers who buy tickets have corresponding seat information on their tickets, so they will have independent seats. That is to say, if children buy children's tickets or full-price tickets, children will have the same seats as adults.

3.Children who travel free of charge should purchase a full price berth ticket if they use the berth alone, and a half-price air conditioning ticket if there is air conditioning. Children who do not have ID cards or passports can buy tickets with an adult's ID card.

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