Starting from July 17, 2017, passengers taking on G/D high-speed trains can order takeout meals through 12306.cn, either from the dining car on the train or from social brand meals served at food stations along the way. This service will undoubtedly provide more varieties and flavors of meal services for passengers.

In addition to the boxed lunch set by the high-speed railway catering company, the takeout restaurants at the station mainly include KFC, Dicos, Yonghe Soybean Milk and other fast food. Some stations provide takeout snacks with local and special foods, such as the takeout of Xi 'an North Railway Station, including the Rougamo and the takeout of Zhengzhou East Railway Station, including the three fresh risotto noodles. Besides, because the varieties and styles provided by each store are different, the general minimum delivery fee is 7-9 yuan, but the delivery fee for each order is 8 yuan.

Typical Takeout Restaurants Served at Some Major Railway Station

Here we listed some typical takeout restaurant at different railway stations.

The Stations in the South of China


guilin rice noodles

Guangzhou South Railway Station:KFC, 72 Street, Soupop (Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf)

Changsha South Railway Station:KFC, Mao’s Restaurant (Steamed Multiple Preserved Hams)

Hangzhou East Railway Station:KFC, Wufang zhai Zongzi Shop(Zongzi), Laojiu niang Dumpling Restaurant (dumplings, Jiangnan Braised Fish with Brown Sauce), Dicos, Kung Fu Restaurant, Ajisen Ramen, Yonghe Soybean Milk

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station:KFC, Yonghe Soybean Milk, Laojiu niang Dumpling Restaurant, Dicos, Kung Fu Restaurant

Nanjing South Railway Station:KFC, Yonghe Soybean Milk, Duck Blood and Bean-starchy Vermicelli Soup Restaurant (Duck Blood and Bean-starchy Vermicelli Soup)

Nanning East Railway Station:KFC, Kung Fu Restaurant, Sanpin wang Rice Noodles (Rice Noodles)

Chengdu East Railway Station: KFC, Yinxiang Sichuan Restaurant (Poached Spicy Slices of Pork), Dicos

The Stations in the North of China


takeout rougamo

Xi’an North Railway Station:KFC, Yonghe Soybean Milk, Steamed Bun Restaurant (Steamed Stuffed Bun), Datang Rougamo (Rougamo), Xue’s Cold Noodles (Cold Noodles, Rougamo), Mr Lee’s Noodles (Beef Noodles)

Shijiazhuang Railway StationDicos, Mr Lee’s Noodles, Huimei Dumpling (dumplings), Jixiang Huntun (Shrimp Huntun)

Jinan West Railway Station: KFC, Yonghe Soybean Milk, Mr Lee’s Noodles, Wallace, California Beef Noodles, Burger King

Lanzhou West Railway Station: Yuan’s Rougamo (Rougamo, Noodles), KFC, Dicos

Dietary differences in China


spicy food

Due to the regional differences in China's natural environment, climatic conditions and ethnic customs, the dietary structure and eating habits of different regions and ethnic groups are different, and the dietary culture is rich and colorful, and different places have different styles. The following is a list of some of the special available takeout food on the station.

To sum up, takeout foods in most areas of the north is salty and mainly for pasta; most eastern regions tend to be sweet and fresh; the takeout in the southwest is spicy; In the south, the flavor is also spicy and rice noodles are the main flavor. For example, you can order local noodles and Rougamo at Xi 'an North Railway Station, maocai at Chengdu Railway Station and Rice noodles at Naning East Railway Station. When you order a meal on 12306.cn and see a lot of red or cyan peppers in the picture, the meal will be quite spicy.

The internet takeout ordering service for high-speed trains is another new service measure introduced by China Railway to deepen the supply-side structural reform of railway transport services. The railway department has introduced social brand meals according to the diversified and personalized travel service needs of passengers, and given full play to the advantages of "Internet plus" to further enrich the variety structure of high-speed train catering, so as to provide more choices and better services for passengers.

Booking Your Train Tickets and Your Take-out

You are always welcome to use our China Train Booking app to get your tickets within 3 minutes. We will make the process of booking a train ticket quite easy for you. Payment is also safe and convenient via credit card, PayPal, WeChat, and Alipay.If you meet any difficulities when you order the food, feel free to ask us. We are pleasure to help.

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