Sanya Beach

Sanya Beach

Sanyais the second-largest city in Hainan province and is in the middle of the southernmost part of Hainan island. It is a vibrant tropical oceanfront tourist city, the long coastline and tropical climate make Sanya a favorite destination for travelers. It also known as the “Hawaii of China” due to the beautiful beaches.

Currently only 2 pairs of trains run between Guangzhou Railway Station and Sanya Railway Station daily. Both are normal-speed trains, the duration is about 14.5 -16 hours one way. The train ticket fare of a soft sleeper is around CNY 566.5 to 594.5 and of a hard sleeper is around CNY 360.5 - 388.5.

Usually we recommend our passenger to take overnight train No.Z201 to travel from Guangzhou to Sanya, it cannot only to save a night's accommodation bill but also can save more daytime for sightseeing.

Some information about the train from Guangzhou to Sanya


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There is a Qiongzhou channel between Guangzhou and Sanya. The train to reach Sanya must pass through the channel , the way is to drive the train on to the steamboat ferry first, and the ferry will carry the train to the destination on the opposite coast.

The first cross-sea train ferry named Yuehai Railway No.1. which was propelled by dual diesel engines, with a total length of 165.4 meters and a width of 22.6 meters.The ferry has a total weight of 13,400 tons and can carry 40 knots of 14 meters long and weights of 80 tons of freight cars or 18 knots of 26.5 meters long train. It can also carry 50 cars and 1360 passengers. The main deck was set for the train and the upper deck set for the car, and the passenger’s compartment is set in the rear half of the ferry.


Pic from China Rail

You may wonder under what circumstances will the Qiongzhou Strait cross-sea train ferry will be suspended?

According to the relevant regulations of the Haikou Port Regulations, when the port visibility is less than 1000 meters, ships should be prohibited from entering or leaving the port. In addition, the strong winds will also affect the operation of ships. Such the circumstance usually happens in winter.

Guangzhou-Sanya Normal-Speed Train Schedule

  • Distance: 1,135 kilometers (705 miles)
  • Duration: Around 14.5-16 hours
  • Stations: Guangzhou Railway Station ( In Chinese: 广州站 ) Sanya Railway Station ( In Chinese: 三亚站 )
  • Main Stops: Zhaoqing , Zhanjiang Xi , Haikou , Dongfang
Guangzhou - Sanya Normal -Speed Train Schedules
Train No. Time(UTC+8) Duration
Z385 05:22 - 20:00 14 h 38 min
Z201 15:56 - 08:12(+1) 16 h 16 min
Sanya - Guangzhou Normal -Speed Train Schedules
Train No. Time(UTC+8) Duration
Z386 08:02 - 22:24 14 h 22 min
Z202 17:45 - 08:20(+1) 14 h 35 min

To find more train schedules, please download China Train Booking app.

 Guangzhou - Sanya Normal -Speed Train Ticket Fare

Superior Soft Sleeper Soft Sleeper Hard Sleeper Hard Seat
CNY 913.5 CNY 566.5 CNY 360.5 CNY 210.5

Maps of Guangzhou Railway Station & Sanya Railway Station

Guangzhou Railway Station

Guangzhou Railway Station

Guangzhou Railway Station

Guangzhou Railway Station is one of the important railway stations in China. It is a big, old station in the west central city area, and has intercity trains operating to Shenzhen, Foshan, and Zhuhai.There are also many normal-speed trains operating to Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha, Guilin, Wuhan, Lhasa, and so on.

  • Chinese name: 广州站
  • Address: 159 Huanshi West Road, Yuexiu District (广州市越秀区环市西路159号)
  • Nearby transportation: subway, bus, and taxi
  • Nearby hotels: Lavande Hotel, T-Social Hotel (Guangzhou Railway Station) , Ibis Styles
  • E-ticket: support to use e-ticket

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Sanya Railway Station

Sanya Railway Station 

Sanya Railway Station is the southernmost train station in China. There are only three trains at Sanya Railway Station, which connect Sanya with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. When taking the train, travelers can see tropical forests and enjoy the sea view along the ways.

  • Chinese name: 三亚站
  • Address: Lizhigou Town, Sanya(三亚市郊荔枝沟镇)
  • Nearby transportation: bus and taxi
  • Nearby hotels: Oakwood Hotel Service Apartments Sanya, Mangrove Tree Resort World Sanya Bay-Coconut
  • E-ticket: support to use e-ticket

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