Datong South Railway Station

Datong south railway station

Datong South Railway Station is an important Railway Station connecting Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia. It is also an important railway hub connecting North China and Northwest China.  Beijing-Baoding Railway, Datong-Puzhou Railway, Datong-Xi'an Railway, Datong-Jungar Banner Railway, Yungang Branch and Kouquan Branch all intersected in Datong. Daxi Passenger Deduce Line and Dazhang Passenger Deduce Line were fully put into operation on December 30, 2019.

It was first built on June 10, 2018, with a total construction area of 66,151 square meters. It is the  main channel for passengers in northern Shanxi to communicate with the outside world and the auxiliary channel for passengers in central and eastern China.

  • Name in Chinese: 大同南站                                
  • Datong South Railway Station Address: Kaiyuan Street, Pingcheng District, Datong, Shanxi
  • Address in Chinese: 山西省大同市平城区开源街
  • Station size: four platforms, nine lines                        
  • Nearby transportation: buses, taxis
  • E-ticket Service: yes
  • Station Telephone: 0352-12306

The ancient city Datong is located in the north of Shanxi Province. It is one of the first 24 national historical and cultural cities in China and one of the nine ancient capitals of China.

There are many famous tourist attractions in Datong, such as Datong Yuangang Grottoes, Huayan Temple, Hanging Temple…Traveling in Datong is like traveling in the ocean of history. You will feel the power of culture and history.

Datong South Railway Station Map

Datong South Railway Station is in Pingcheng District (平城区).
Check the below online map now.

Datong South Railway Statioin Map

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Popular Trains to Datong South Railway Station

  • Beijing to Datong: There is 4 high-speed trains run from Beijing North Railway Station to Datong South Railway Station each day. The journey takes about 2 hours and costs 150 yuan per second-class ticket.

  • Xi’an to Datong: Two high-speed trains head to Datong South Railway Station from Xi'an North Railway Station.The journey takes about 6 hours and costs 269 yuan for a second-class seat ticket.
  • Taiyuan to Datong:  There are more than 5 high-speed trains run from Taiyuan Railway Station to Datong South Railway Station each day. The journey takes about 2 hours and costs 86 yuan per second-class ticket.
  • Pingyao to Datong: There are 3 high-speed trains from Pingyao Gucheng Railway Station to Datong South Railway Station. The journey takes about 3 hours and costs 118.5 yuan per second-class ticket.                                    

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The Layout of Datong South Railway Station


The main building of Datong South Railway Station has three floors with a front square.
Each floor is equipped with escalators.

F3: arrival floor, toilets
F2: ticket office, security check, service desk
F1: waiting area, toilet, shops, hot water facility

What to Eat in Datong South Railway Station

bean jelly

bean jelly

For Western food, you can find McDonald's and De saatchi Burger Restaurant in the station. For Chinese food, you can also find some fast food in the restaurant.

Datong, one of China's nine ancient capitals, was once the capital of the Northern Wei Dynasty. There are numerous historical sites and tourism resources in Datong. But actually, you know what? The food culture of Datong also has a long history. Here are some popular food in Datong: Sliced Noodles, Sheep Giblets Soup, Bean Jelly and Shao-mai.  

Datong Climate

Datong is located in the northernmost part of Shanxi Province. The terrain slopes from northwest to southeast, and it has a temperate continental monsoon climate with distinct four seasons.
It has long, cold and dry winters; short, hot and rainy summers; cool spring and autumn with a large temperature difference. The average annual temperature is 5.5℃; the extreme maximum temperature is 37.7℃; the extreme minimum temperature is -29.1 ℃, the average annual rainfall is 400 mm. In fact, there is a large temperature difference between day and night.

Transports Around Datong South Railway Station


Available buses: 14, 31, 61, 66, 68, 605
Price: 1-3 yuan
Location: near the station square


The location of the taxi stand: near the station square
Starting price: 7 yuan

There are many indicators in Datong South Railway Station. Follow the signs and you will find the taxi stands and bus stops easily.

Getting to Other Places from Datong South Railway Station

How to Get to Datong Railway Station

  • Total distance: 15 kilometers

>>> By bus

Take bus 66 at Datong South Railway Station, and get off at Datong Railway Station.

This journey takes about 54 minutes and costs 1 yuan.

>>>By taxi: The journey takes 22 minutes and costs about 20 yuan.

How to Get to Hanging Temple

hanging temple

hanging temple

Total distance: 59 kilometers

>>> By bus
Hanging Temple is very far away from the city center, there is no bus to get there.

>>>By taxi: The journey takes 30 minutes and costs about 50 yuan. 

>>>By private bus: we provide private bus to Hanging Temple, if you want to book this kind of service, feel free to contact us.

How to Get to Datong Yungang Grottoes

  • Total distance: 30 kilometers

>>> By bus
Take bus 68 at Datong South Railway Station, and get off at No.4 bus company bus stop.
Then, take bus 3 at No.4 bus company bus stop, and get off at Yungang Stop.
This journey takes about 1 hour 30 minutes and costs 3 yuan.

>>>By taxi:  The journey takes 33 minutes and costs about 35 yuan.             

How to Get to Datong Yungang International Airport

  • Total distance: 13 kilometers

>>> By bus
Take bus no. 605 at Datong South Railway Station and get off at Yungang International Airport.

This journey takes about 1 hour 20 minutes and costs 3 yuan. 

>>>By taxi:  The journey takes 16 minutes and costs about 20 yuan.

Booking Your Train Tickets

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