Sanya Railway Station

Sanya railway staion

As of November 2019, Sanya has five railway stations, namely Sanya Railway Station, Yalong Bay Railway Station, Yazhou Railway Station, Fenghuang Airport Railway Station and Nanshan North Railway Station. Among these stations, Sanya Station is the largest one.

Sanya Railway Station, a first-class railway station in Sanya, on the Chinese island of Hainan Province. It serves as the starting and ending Station for the Guangdong-Hainan Railway, Hainan East Ring Railway and the Hainan West Ring Railway.

As of June 2011, Sanya Railway Station has a total construction area of 16200 square meters, with 4 platforms and 8 lines

  • Name in Chinese: 三亚站                                
  • Sanya Railway Station Address: no.10, Yuxiu Road, Xiabaopocun, Tianduzhen, Sanya
  • Address in Chinese:三亚市田独镇下抱坡村育秀路10号
  • Station size: four platforms, eight lines                        
  • Nearby transportation: buses, taxis
  • E-ticket Service: yes
  • Station Telephone: 0898-12306

Sanya is located in the southernmost part of Hainan Island and next to the China South Sea. It is an international tourist city with tropical coastal scenery and a tropical oceanic monsoon climate. Its famous scenic spots include: Yalong Bay, Sanya Bay, Tianya Haijiao, Nanshan Mountain, Dongtian, Dadonghai, Luhui and so on.

Furthermore, Sanya has a unique geographical environment. It is the only city in China that can enjoy both tropical rain forest and ocean scenery. With its beautiful natural scenery and excellent ecological environment, Sanya is a beautiful paradise for living, traveling and vacationing. This is also why many tourists choose to go to Sanya in the winter.

Sanya Railway Station Map

Sanya Railway Station is in Jitian District (吉田区).
Check the below online map now.

Sanya Railway Station Map

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Popular Trains to Sanya Railway Station

  • Beijing to Sanya: There is 1 normal-speed train runs from Beijing West Railway Station to Sanya each day. The journey takes about 38 hours and costs 733 yuan per hard-sleeper ticket.

  • Guangzhou to Sanya:There are 2 normal-speed trains run from Guangzhou Railway Station to Sanya Railway Station each day. The journey takes about 16 hours and costs 360.5 yuan per hard-sleeper ticket.
  • Haikou to Sanya: There are 2 high-speed trains from Haikou Railway Station to Sanya Railway Station. The journey takes about 2 hours and costs 108 yuan per second-class ticket.
  • Wanning to Sanya: Over 10 high-speed trains head to Sanya Railway Station from Wanning Railway Station. The journey takes about 40 minutes and costs 40 yuan for a seat ticket.

How Do Trains Cross The Sea?

As we all know, the train to reach Sanya must pass through the Qiongzhou channel , the way is to drive the train on to the steamboat ferry first, and the ferry will carry the train to the destination on the opposite coast.

The harbour is equipped with railway trestles. After the disintegration of the train by the traction locomotive, and then push onto the railway trestle and enter the cabin.

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Layout of Sanya Railway Station


Sanya railway station is not a big railway station only with a one-floor main hall and a station square.

Available facilities:
ticket windows, ticket machines, hot drinking water, restaurants, toilets, shops, service desk, left luggage office

What to Eat in Sanya Railway Station

 mango and sticky rice

mango and sticky rice

For Western food, you can try Pizza Hut. For Chinese food, you can also find some fast food in the restaurant.

In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery of Sanya, tasting the yummy foods is also an indispensable part of traveling in Sanya, Hainan. The most authentic and representative food of Sanya is not in the restaurants, but in the stalls and shops scattered all over the food streets. Here are some typical snacks in Sanya, such as coconut chicken (椰子鸡), Glutinous Rice Dumplings, Seafood Platter, Mango and Sticky Rice…

Sanya Climate

Key word: very hot
Sunshine duration: 2534 hours a year.
The annual average precipitation: 1347.5 mm.

Sanya is located in a low-latitude tropical maritime monsoon climate zone, with an average annual temperature of 25.7°C and the highest temperature in June with an average of 28.7°C. The lowest temperature month is January, with an average of 21.4°C.

Transports Around Sanya Railway Station


Available buses: 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 22, 30, 36, 42, 55
Price: 1-6 yuan
Location: around the station square


The location of the taxi stand: in front of the station square
Starting price: 10 yuan

There are many indicators in Sanya Railway Station. Follow the signs and you will find the taxi stands and bus stops easily.

Getting to Other Places from Sanya Railway Station

How to Get to Yalong Bay

  • Total distance: 29 kilometers

>>> By bus

Take bus 15 at Sanya Railway Station, and get off at Yalong Bay bus station.

This journey takes about 1 hour 30 minutes and costs 5 yuan.

>>>By taxi: The journey takes 30 minutes and costs about 45 yuan.

How to Get to Tianya haijiao

Tianya haijiao

Tianya haijiao

Total distance: 17 kilometers

>>> By bus
Take bus 55 at Sanya Railway Station, and get off at Tianya haijiao bus stop.
This journey takes about 1 hour 20 minutes and costs 6 yuan.

>>>By taxi: The journey takes 30 minutes and costs about 25 yuan.   

How to Get to Sanya Phoenix International Airport

  • Total distance: 11 kilometers

>>> By bus
Take bus no. 36 at Sanya Railway Station and get off at Sanya Phoenix International Airport.
This journey takes about 46 minutes and costs 3 yuan.   

>>>By taxi: The journey takes 26 minutes and costs about 30 yuan.

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