COVID-19 vaccine

It is widely believed that China has been speeding up to meet the goal of herd immunity to against Covid-19 worldwide by the end of 2021. Up to May 31st, China has passed 639 million doses of vaccination in domestic, according to latest report from National Health Commission.

Now the numbers of doses of coronavirus vaccinate in China has exceeded the total of United State, Britain and Germany. While some westerners are still hesitated about inoculation, China is having about 14 million people inoculated daily, which ranks the first all over the world.

China's coronavirus vaccination rate has rised rapidly from 6.77% before March 26th to 34.55% until May 20th, according to the data from Oxford University. Almost 14 millon of people get inoculated nationwide daily since early May. It even hit the record that over 20 million shots have been administered on May 20th. At least 85% of population will be inoculated by the end of 2021 based on National Health Commission.

According to a report from Brisbane Times, "China is set to vaccinate more than 20 million people per day as it delivers coronavirus vaccines at an unprecedented scale to its billion-strong of population." This equals to vaccinate the first jab to the total amount of Australia's population who are qualified to get inoculated.

Daily COVID-19 vaccine doses administered per 100 people

Daily COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Administered Per 100 People
Data from Brisbane Times

Even China is making great effort to catch up the goal of mass vaccination, it is not very optimistic to open the border by the end of the year, as the epidemic outbreak in the world is still in severe situation.

Up to June 1st, China has been delivered over 300 million of coronavirus vaccines to the world. The UN health agency also approved the Beijing-based firm Sinovac's two-dose vaccine CoronaVac for emergency use, which is already being deployed in several countries around the world.

China will continue to provide COVID-19 vaccines to the world, especially to those developing countries, to help with herd immunity to against coronavirus.

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