Since the first confirmed COVID-19 infection found on May 21st in Guangzhou, one of the most important entry ports in China, it has been reported 110 possitive cases among the 27.98 million of nucleic acid samples until June 10th. Though the numbers of confirmed cases seemed small comparing to the massive outbreaks in India and Brazil, China is taking no chances to prevent the coronavirus spread nationwide.

Covid-19 test in Guangzhou

Covid-19 test in Guangzhou, pic from Xinhua News

As Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong province, other cities in Guangdong also have ramped up mass testing for COVID-19, such as Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhanjiang. Several infections have been occurred in these area.

Current Confirmed Infections in China Mainland (2021.6.10)
Area Cases
Guangzhou 110
Shanghai 68
Beijing 11
Foshan 10
Tianjin 7
Chongqing 5
Shenzhen 4
Yingkou 2
Dehongzhou 2
Zhanjiang 1
Total 220

Guangzhou has been adjusted to medium risk area from low risk area since June 8th. All the citizens are taking the test of coronavirus recently. Restaurants are prohibited to dine in but only support takeaway. Indoor entertainment venues are closed, including library, theatre, internet bar, stadium, etc.

National College Entrance Examination have been held on June 7th and 8th. Nearly 55 thousand of the students have attendded the examination in Guangzhou, and all had to take the nucleic acid test. Fortunately, none of them showed positive result.

Due to the infections in Guangdong, plans of family trip have been canceled at least 20% for the public national holiday of Dragon Boat Festival. Comparing to the 5-day holiday in early of May (over 200 million people traveled), domestic tourism has been influenced in June, or even in the summer holiday that is coming soon.

In addition, the appointment of COVID-19 vaccination are available to make online nationwide after a short-time of lack of vaccines in late of May. People who have been inoculated the first dose will have the priority to get vaccinated for the 2nd dose. In Guangzhou, it only allowed people to inoculate with negative result of coronavirus test in 2 days.

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