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There are five COVID-19 vaccines, produced by domestic companies, have been approved to be adopted on a wide scale in China. Up to June 3rd, over 700 million of doses have been administered nationwide. Foreigners who have been living in China more than half a year are able to inoculate with appointment.

The five COVID-19 vaccines, though are different in technology and protection scheme, all are effective to prevent severe illness and produce antibodies to against coronavirus. It is reccomend to inoculate any of them as long as there is a supply of vaccines locally.

Differences of the China COVID-19 Vaccines

The table here will tell you the differences among the five COVID-19 vaccines. It also offers a suggestion of which to inoculate for specific people.

Technology Inactivated vaccine Inactivated vaccine Inactivated vaccine Adenovirus vetor vaccine Recombinant protein subunit vaccine
(For emergency use)
Company Beijing Biological Products Institute Co Ltd Sinovac Biotech Ltd. Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Co Ltd CanSino Biologics Inc Anhui Zhifei Longcom Biopharmaceutical Co Ltd
Time to market 2020.12.30 2021.2.5 2021.2.5 2021.2.5 2021.3.10
Vaccination Procedure 2 doses;
Interval ≥3 weeks;
2nd dose within 8 weeks
1 dose 3 doses;
Interval ≥4 weeks;
2nd dose within 8 weeks;
3rd dose within 6 months
Clinical data of phase Ⅲ Overall protective efficacy 79.3%;
Severe case protective efficacy 99.5%.
Overall protective efficacy 50.65%;
Severe case protective efficacy 100%.
Overall protective efficacy 72.5%;
Severe case protective efficacy 100%.
Overall protective efficacy 65.28%;
Severe case protective efficacy 90.07%.
Still in the progress of phase Ⅲ;
Excellent data of phase Ⅱ .
Suitable people Will stay in China for more than 1 month to complete the two-dose procedure. Have to go abroad lately. Will stay in China for more than 6 months to complete the three-dose procedure.

Suitable people for Vaccination

  • Aged more than 18.
  • Women of childbearing age or breastfeeding women
  • Patients with chronic diseases but in the stable condition or well-controlled.
  • People who have been infected with coronavirus before are able to vaccinate after recovery of more than 6 months.

Groups Not Recommended for Vaccination

The specific groups below are not suitable for vaccination currently, as there is no enough clinical trial data to prove the saftety and effectiveness.

Get vaccinated

Aged under 18

  • There is no clinical trial data of the vaccination in this age group. It is not suggested to vaccinated.

Pregnant women

  • If you get pregnant after inoculating the coronavirus vaccine without knowing the pregnancy, it is not suggested to terminate it only because of the vaccination.

People with impaired immunity

  • No clinical data on the safety and effetiveness for people with malignant tumors, nephrotic syndrome, AIDS, and HIV, etc.

Patients with fever or acute disease

  • There is no clinical data on the safety and effetiveness for patients with fever, acute disease, or during acute attacks of chronic diseases etc. It is suggested to suspend to incoculate the vaccine until recovery for at least one week.

Allergic to the ingredients of the vaccine

  • People who had a history of allergy to the ingredients of the same type of vaccine before should not be administered.

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