Inhaled COVID-19 vaccine

pic from Pujiang Innovation Forum

An inhaled vaccine to against Covid-19 is in the third phase of clinical trial and applying for emergncey use, which is jointly developed by the Academy of Military Medical Sciences and China’s CanSino Biologics, announced by Chen Wei, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, on Pujiang Innovation Forum on June 6th.

According to the clinical trail data currently, the inhaled vaccine shows more effectiveness than the injected one. It can activate antibodies in the airways, which gives the human body more protection. In case of any chance of virus infection after the vaccine injection, the immune system can still work to against the virus.

Test Covid-19

pic from Xinhua News

The new covid-19 vaccine uses the way of pulverization to give medicine. It only needs 1/5 dose of the adenovirus vetor vaccine, produced by the same company - CanSino Biologics Inc. It could not only help to build the mucosal immune system, but also reduce the cost of injection. And this is really a good news for people who are afraid of needles, which helps to improve the vaccine penetration of China.

As reported, if the inhaled covid-19 will be put into use in the market widely and successfully, it could speed up the vaccination around whole world. Each dose of inhaled vaccine is 80% less than the injectable ones. To be administratered 8 billion people around the whole world, it is anticipated to take 2 years to complete the plan.

According to the Chen Wei, the inhaled vaccine uses the same technology as the injectable one. People is able to get aerosol inhalation to bring the molecule into respiratory tracts and lungs.

Inhaled COVID-19 vaccine

Now there are more than 900 million doses having been administratered nationwide in China, including people aged above 60. Li Lanjuan, a director of China Infectious Disease Treatment Laboratory, said that she had been injected the covid-19 vaccine early this year, though she is over 60 years old. And she suggested the elders who have no acute disease to get inoculated as soon as possible.

Zhang Wenhong, head of Infection Department in a Shanghai hospital, added that as long as we could achieve the goal of herd immunity by early of 2022, the government will consider to reopen our country with certain conditions.

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